Put Shep In the Hall

If Peter Gammons is in the Baseball Hall of Fame why isn’t Bob Sheppard? The iconic voice of baseball stadiums for over 50 years. Honor him while he’s still around to appreciate the honor.

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  1. What does this have to do with the Mets? Such a shame, this blog started out very strong then wandered away from its original intention.

  2. There aren’t many things I like or tolerate or respect where the other local team is concerned, but Bob Sheppard is one of them. Don’t know if he still drives, but we shared the same mechanic at one point in the not-too-distant past.

    Nice putting of the Mets on notice in general. They can use all the help you can give them. And thanks for stumbling across the NY BB Giants homage.

  3. As for the blog itself – it can’t be nothing but venom. The basic premise is that The Mets Police want the Mets to win with honor, in non-black uniforms, with a core made up of mostly Mets. When they are playing well (in white uniforms) and a half-game out it’s not fair to give them a hard time.

    As for mentioning other things such as the Yankees – the Mets don’t exist in a void. Sometimes other franchises do things right…and Shep should be in the hall.

  4. Also

    Good job on the “attendance” acknowledgements

    “Paid attendance” is one of the biggest jokes in sports…

  5. Yes, Shep is one of a kind – but suggesting he should be in the Hall of Fame is a bit overboard. He’s got a great voice and he’s been a stable part of the Yankees for decades – but he’s a local icon, not a greater baseball one.
    If he goes in the Hall then why not Gladys Gooding?

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