>Who's #1?

>So there’s talk that the Mets would have a former player represent each day of the Shea Countdown Clock – so Craig Swan would show up with 27 days left and Hernandez with 17 etc. Presumably that means Mookie would do the last day (topic for another day).

Anyways, Cyclonesfan pulled this together for me, and he used Mets By The Numbers as a source of info….today’s topic is Who is the Real Number?

First in a series…


Rightful Owner: Mookie Wilson
Rent-A-Met: Vince Coleman
Cyclonesfan’s Comment: I’m surprised the Mets haven’t unofficially retired 1 considering how popular Mookie was
The Mets Police say: doesn’t deserve to be on the fence, but if it were in semi-limbo like #24 that would be cool. Definitely Mookie’s number.


Rightful Owner: Bobby Valentine
Rent-A-Met: none suggested, also no comment provided.

The Mets Police say: You gonna fly Bobby V in for the ceremony? You can’t do that to Willie. How about Jose Oquendo? That would seem silly too.


Rightful Owner: Bud Harrelson / Rafael Santana
Rent-A-Met: Damon Easley
Cyclonesfan’s Comment: OK, Raffy wasn’t great, but he was a Met and an anchor in the infield

The Mets Police say: it’s time to bring Buddy back into the fold. Sure he was afraid to go to the mound but in hindsight it got a lot worse than Buddy in the dugout (cough, September 2007).


Rightful Owner: Ron Swoboda / Lenny Dykstra
Rent-A-Met: Robin Ventura
Cyclonesfan’s Comment: Regardless of the Grand-Slam Single, Ventura was a White Sox

The Mets Police say: tough call. If decisions must be made…..Swoboda.