Calm The Eff Down

As you get to know The Mets Police you’ll find that nobody likes giving them a hard time more than we do.

That being said: CALM DOWN

On Sunday morning there was going to be a tickertape parade.

They ran into two good pitchers and the bats cooled.

The NY Sun is writing this:

What Does $135 Million Purchase for the Mets?

As the
Mets were playing the Chicago Cubs yesterday afternoon, several Flushing partisans sent me e-mails asking, basically, the same question: This is what $135 million buys? One regular correspondent, notable for his generally even keel, simply slugged his subject line “Minaya” and pasted the starting lineup into the body of his e-mail. At times, simple observation counts as an expression of disbelief.

Relax! Santana tonight against the Nats. The Mets are 1.5 games behind the Marlins. Although Willie might want to have infield practice this afternoon.