More from feisty Philly

OK dude…you make all of us look bad.

You’re wearing a cheap Newsday giveaway Santana jersey with bad lettering on the back.

At least it’s a blue hat.

And the Philly guys are feisty…this courtesy of Delaware Online.

All you had to do was visit Citizens Bank Park last weekend, when the Mets rode into town for a three-game series against the Phillies and won two of them before fired-up, standing-room-only crowds.

“I can’t stand the Cowboys, and that will never change. But, to me, the Mets are the biggest enemy now,” said Phil Markston, 34, of Wilmington, who had tickets for two of the three games.

“I’ve never liked the Mets, just because they’re from New York and I don’t like any of the New York teams,” he said. “But now, after what happened last year, the Mets are the team I want to beat the most.”