>Bobby V Conspiracy Theory


Clicked on V’s blog and I see this!

Miserable Week2008年5月 21日 May 21, 2008
Important Information: The May and June issues of Bobby’s Way Newsletter have been cancelled.Sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you for reading Bobby’s Way newsletter!We hope you will keep checking the Bobby’s Way Blog and let’s all keep cheering the Marines! We will resume the news letter in July with more exciting updates and a brand new Japanese web site for Big Fish Games. Together with Bobby’s Way and Big Fish Games we will be having some exciting events that you don’t want to miss.Thank you!

Let’s all overanalyze why Bobby would cancel two months of his newsletter!

Look for yourself! http://www.bobbysway.jp/

The Truth is Out There!

(The Mets Police in no way believe the Bobby Valentine Returns To Mets rumor that The Mets Police are hereby starting.)

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  1. >And for shame, Mets Police; for shame! You didn’t even include Bobby V as a choice for Willie’s replacement on your poll.

    No wonder people hate cops… hee hee hee :)!

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