Willie Watch – Randolph Digging His Own Grave

While we here at The Mets Police are clearly in favor of the Mets firing Randolph, we have restrained from name calling – not so others. There is a scathing article by Paul Ruddick at The Sports Network in response to Willie’s racial/it’s not racial comments:

“Randolph is a moron, plain and simple. It’s a desperate move to pull the race card. I am almost embarrassed to admit that Randolph was one of my idols growing up.”

He continues with something most of us have been thinking about: “I used to wonder why it took Randolph so long to become a manager. Now I know why. He is just not that good. There is a reason he was passed over for just about every job in the league. Maybe he doesn’t have the temperament to be a big league skipper.

Ruddick goes on to suggest taht Willie’s replacement should not be Lee as we feel, but rather Wally Backman. While I love Backman and agree with Ruddick that he has been short-changed, I don’t see Wilpon willing to give him another chance in MLB.

Randolph digging his own grave in New York