Willie Watch: Wilpons Don’t Return His Calls?

Howie Rose mentioned in the first inning that Willie said the Wilpons wouldn’t return his calls. VERY interesting.

Good stuff out of the SNY guys last night – Keith said he wanted to be a Dodger but that his father convinced him to stay with the 1984 Mets because Hernandez Senior had watched minor league games and thought the Mets had some good prospects coming.

WCBS lead news story this morning is will Willie go.

Wouldn’t shock me if there’s a press conference at Shea on Tuesday. Wouldn’t shick me if acting manager Jerry Manuel manages Monday night.

And since I have nothing to add that I haven’t said 50 times (fire Willie, hire Mazzilli) I’ll leave you with a link which is obviously a farce: Girardi is no more of a Met than Willie.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly….The Mets!: For Your Perusal…. A WATP!

One Reply to “Willie Watch: Wilpons Don’t Return His Calls?”

  1. Hey, Mets cops, thanks for the plug on the link :).

    It was a farce… kind of… sort of… although I think if it were even in the realm of possibility, it might be something worth considering. LOL

    Love the site, but wonder why it takes so damn long to load??????????

    Nice format, too, btw, hahahahahahaha ha! 🙂

    I voted Mazzilli on your manager’s poll, just so you know *sticks out tongue.* lol

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