Indy 500 and Coca Cola 600

A quick opportunistic post that accomplishes three things.

1. I get to display the picture on the left which is
just a great picture.

2. Cheap hits from people searching for race car information.

3. Good luck to Travis Kvapil in the 28 car in the Coca-Cola 600 today. After watching John Maine shut down the Rockies today – perhaps buying Willie more time, plus or minus machete cracks – switch on over to Fox HD, crank up the sound, and give the sport a chance.

NASCAR is kind of like hockey in that you have to see it live to truly appreciate it – they are in Delaware next weekend and Poconos the weekend after for you Mets fans – but it’s really a cool sport with lots of strategy. Danica Patrick races Indy Car which is something else entirely, but it’s a good picture.