Bloggers Unite!

Another loss.

Another Reyes Error. Appropriately he made the last out.

Willie is still here, without any guarantee for his job.

Mets lose again. I’m completely disgusted with this franchise, which is why this blog exists. The stated mission of The Mets Police is to call the Mets on the carpet for the stupid things they do. This was stupid. No vote of confidence nor a change.

So now the fanbase will be louder and louder and eventually Willie will go down. Omar you are now on watch too. Wilpons….sigh….you rarely get anything right. Please just go buy the damn Dodgers.

I propose to all Mets fans that we take the old negative “Dar-yl” chant that the Red Sox fans started….and we chant Wil-lie. Wil-lie. All game long, every game, until anyone else manages this team.

(In happier news, New York Times now using “Willie Watch” – you’re welcome Times!. It’s right here in the last sentence of this article: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/05/27/sports/baseball/27randolph.html?ref=sports)