Hall of Fame Cap Debates

I’m away today, so while Cyclones Fan minds the store, I leave you with this generic post I saw on Friday. Now as I write this Friday night this might be the stupidest post ever while you Tuesday people debate Willie or the new manager or the Mets 4 game win streak or the 8 game losing streak or whatever is happening this morning. If they name Lee Mazzilli manager and I’m away from a computer all day – well that would be ironic. Anyway, I’m not around today.

This post debates whether or not Piazza should be a HOFer as a Met or Dodger. What about Pedro, Maddux and Griffey? Read it here, and I’ll see you tomorrow:


and here’s another good one about the Piazza trade from the Los Angeles view:

News Corp. miscalculated Piazza’s popularity and importance to the ballclub on and off the field. Piazza miscalculated that traditional baseball negotiating tactics would reap traditional results with a neophyte ownership familiar with Hollywood but not with baseball.

By Ken Gurnick / MLB.com LOS ANGELES — It’s impossible to think about the impact Mike Piazza had on the Dodgers without considering the impact Mike