What Is a "Real Met" or "True Yankee"

(Sorry if I’m off topic today – this was written Sunday to keep the blog alove while I travel today and Cyclones Fan minds the store).

The phrase “true Yankee” came up over the weekend and it got me thinking about what that means – or what a “real met” is.

Keith Hernandez is a real Met. Paul O’Neill became a true Yankee. Both had success and a World Series ring with other teams.

I don’t think Pedro could ever be a real Met. I don’t think A-Rod could ever be a “true Yankee” and he’s going to be around 10 more years.

I think it comes down to how you carry yourself.

Keith talked on SNY the other night about how he absolutely didn’t want to be a Met. Then he found his head, and anyone who watched those teams know he was a leader, and deserved to be captain. Similarly in the Bronx, O’Neill was fiery, always solid, and it always helps to bank a few rings.

A-Rod wanted to be a Met, a Ranger, a Yankee, a free agent, before deciding he wanted to be a Yankee. No matter how well he plays he will always be in Jeter’s shadow.

Boston fans waited three generations to win, and the second they did the face of the franchise bolted for dollars in Queens. That’s a carpetbagger not a Met.

Right now, for me, the “real Mets” are Wright, OverReyes and John Maine. There are carpetbaggers at first and second, and a bunch of other guys who haven’t been here long enough to evaluate. As I’ve said before, what this franchise needs is a franchise player – I hope someone stays 15 years.

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