>No Mets To Start All Star Game?

>MLB.com says:

Hanley Ramirez (268,386) of the Florida Marlins leads a tight race at shortstop, currently edging Miguel Tejada (256,613) of the Houston Astros and Jose Reyes (237,800) of the New York Mets. Atlanta Braves third baseman Chipper Jones has collected 420,664 votes, putting him nearly 100,000 votes ahead of the N.L.’s starter at the hot corner the last two years, David Wright (321,091) of the Mets. Jones is batting a Major League-best .418 with 12 home runs and 35 RBI.

So that suggests (correctly) that no Mets will start. I like Wright and all but the other guy is hitting .418. Can’t argue. OverReyes doesn’t deserve to be on the team at all. Hurdle should leave him home and save some room for Santana and Maine.

If you’re sad that you might not see a Met on the field until after bedtime, don’t worry – Willie Randolph will be out their coaching! Ain’t that a hoot.

If Willie is jobless come July then Hurdle should invite Torre. What a circus that would be!