>Torre Back To Not Manage Mets

>There will be two managers at Shea tonight. One will get booed terribly (including by me as I will be there). One will be cheered.

You kids that don’t know who Lee Mazzilli is probably think I photoshopped the photo on the left. Nope kids, Joe Torre once managed the Metsies, and he was awful. Not that he had anything to work with. Craig Swan, Steve Henderson and a bunch of other guys you’ve never heard of.

Anyways, take another look at the picture and ask yourself (or Omar if you happen to see him) – why isn’t this a current picture of the Mets manager. Maybe with a little less hair, maybe wearing 6 not 9 – but why didn’t they call Joe five minutes after his press conference announcing he was leaving the Yankees. The Mets could have had a manager that got his team to the postseason every year (the Mets have every financial advantage the Yankees do, so stop whining about that). Joe even had to manage from an awful start, say being 6.5 back on Memorial Day.

It’s too late now, but I’ll be cheering for the manager tonight, just not the one in the first base dugout.