Catching up from a busy day and our night at the Stadium. Good job as always from lohud.com which asks the below about Torre. Willie should not think three wins and a dopey orange jacket are going to make us forget that on Monday we were waiting for “the machete.”

Was kinda cool to see Joe get the ovation…and I liked how he tipped his cap in a “thanks” but not arrogant kind of way. Anyways…what would Joe do?
The question, of course, is whether things would be different under Torre. No one can ever know for sure, but could Torre have prodded Carlos Delgado into more production the way he did with an aging Tino Martinez in 2005? Could he have done for Carlos Beltran what he did for Bernie Williams? Could he have put out the fires in the Mets’ locker room the way he did with Kevin Brown and Gary Sheffield, keeping his team together even as they shared space with players who were often divisive?
I’ll add – could have gotten Pedro to bother to show up on opening day? Could he get OverReyes to keep his head in the game? Would he accused SNY of a conspiracy? Would he think fans were anti-Italian if we booed when they were in 4th place? Good questions all. Click the link.