>Is There A Seaver Curse?

>When you’re sitting in the upper deck at Shea during a long game, the conversation can wander a bit with one topic leading into another.

The Mets Police and I were discussing uniforms (possibly the only time most men will discuss fashion) and I mentioned how in 1992 at Tom Seaver’s induction ceremony I saw a family of 4 all wearing different versions of his uniform – the father had a classic Mets jersey, the mother a Cincinatti one, the son a Chicago White Sox 41, and the daughter a Seaver Red Sox shirt – truly a dedicated family.

Mentioning Seaver on the Red Sox in 1986, we realized that the only times the Mets have been in the World Series, Seaver has been present:

  • In 1969 he was their ace
  • In 1973 he was their ace
  • In 1986 he was in the Boston bullpen
  • In 2000 he was a roving instructor and broadcaster. (There was also a Tom Seaver bobblehead promotion in July)

Seaver has not had a role with the team since 2005 and is now concentrating on his vinyard in Napa Valley (first bottles are due out sometime this year).

Can the Mets get to the World Series without Tom Terrific somewhere nearby?