The Days Off Nonsense

You are 25 years old working a full-time job. Sometimes you even have to work 20 days in a row. However, you are young energetic and make five million dollars a year.

Your gig? You have to come to the ballpark, usually late afternoon, sometimes late morning. You field some grounders, throw a few balls, and hang out in the batting cage You have some stress in your life from the press and idiotic arrogant bloggers.

When the baseball game starts you spend about 90 minutes standing newar one of the bases, and you get to bat usually 4 to 5 times a game. Shower, deal with more idiots, and go home. Extensive travel.

Sure maybe it becomes a daily grind – everyone has that whether you’re an astronaut, a farmer, a trucker or The Captain of the Mets.

What doesn’t make sense is your manager giving you a day off. You still have to show up early, work out before the game and deal with idiots. Sure you don’t have to stand in the sun (or lights) for 90 minutes and you don’t have to swing that heavy bat four or five times. A day off would be – stay home, hit the beach, we’ll see you tomorrow.

If my boss made me commute and sit at my desk but not use the compuer or phone – well that’s not a day off there boss-man. I’m here anyway, I might as well answer the phone.

So Willie, let Wright play. Let him play in 2500 straight games if he’s feeling fine. There’s no such thing as a “day off.” It’s a benching. Don’t bench the Captain.