Amazing Mystery Of The New York Giants (Part 1)

I’m really looking forward to N’Ebbets Field next year, what with the Jackie Robinson Rotunda and the Ebbets Field look….but I may have uncovered a secret mystery forever unknown to anyone who is emplyed by the Mets.  Brace yourselves….

I think the Giants may have once played in New York.

Now I know you’re saying, “Mets Police you’re crazy!  The only National League team to ever play in New York was the Dodgers.”

That’s what we’ve been led to believe by Fred Wilpon and his CitiField minions.

Now look at this picture on the left.   It’s the Polo Grounds, original home of the Mets.  The team is wearing the familiar NY logo on their caps…but look closely at the uniform.  It says “G I A N T S.”   Very mysterious.

Next we’ll take a look at Willie Mays.  Not many Mets fans remember this broken down old outfielder.  Sort of the Moises Alou of his day.   There’s really nothing remarkable about this player, so there’s no reason to honor him or name a piece of Citifield after him.

But look at the picture on the right.  It appears to be the same man, yet younger.  He is wearing a familiar looking cap, and his jersey says New York.  However, the picture is clearly from the 1950’s – BEFORE THERE WERE METS!    How could this be?   Could Willie Mays have played in New York City in the 1950’s?

How could this be possible if he were not on the Dodgers???

More of our investigation to this rumored and possibly forgotten team tomorrow.

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