ESPN Hates Children

Hey you know how your kid was looking forward to the Mr. Mets dash on September 7th?  Well ESPN moved the game to 8:05.  Sunday night.

Hey you know how your son wanted to see the last game at Yankee Stadium?   ESPN moved it to 8:05.

Thanks ESPN.

2 Replies to “ESPN Hates Children”

  1. Mets have cancelled 5 out of 6 dashes this year. Why don’t they schedule them for some Saturday games when ESPN won’t take the game away?

    Participated in the dash today, could the security guys and others possibly roll their eyes more to let us know how they wanted to get out of Shea? Annoying. And Mr. Met scared my daughter to tears. Just another lovely day at Shea.

  2. Well thanks to FOX the Saturday afternoon game is a rare bird. I guess they could let the kids run at 7pm after a 4pm game.

    I’m sure the security guys can’t wait to get out of there.

    The Mets should take this a little more seriously. I could see “I ran the bases when I was 5” being a reason why you would pick one team over another.

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