Willie Watch: Girardi’s Job

Yankee fans need to stop looking up at the Rays and Boston. You are starting Carl Pavano tomorrow. It’s over. Jeter got old, Torre left town and you’re moving across the street.

You need to look over your shoulder. Yeah, that’s Toronto. How did they get there?

The BJ’s are one game behind you.

Say the NYYs finish FOURTH. Is Joe Girardi coming back? George might be in bad shape but he ain’t dead.

Girardi’s going to finish fourth (with George reading the Tampa Whateverpaper celbrating the Rays division title) and Girardi’s going to return? Is this really the Yankees?

Girardi gets to finish fourth while the Mets go to the playoffs? No way.

So if not Girardi then who. One name that often comes up is Bobby Valentine. Former Mets manager. Great choice if you enjoy finishing second.

Mattingly has a job with Joe Torre.

What ex-big league manager is out there who has experience managing in NYC and is a former Yankee captain. That’s right, Willie.

Good idea? No way. Just look at the 2007 and 2008 Mets.

Possible? Oh yeah. I can picture the back page of the Post now.

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