No More Black Unis?

Can this be true? This was posted over at Mets By The Numbers:

Wondering just what the 2009 team will look like might be tricky
considering rumors of uniform changes have arisen again. Dave from Michigan
passed along chatter from Chris Creamer’s Sports Logo website saying the Mets as
expected are phasing out black (hooray!) in favor of blue but have the
biggest changes in mind for their road uniform, said to be completely
re-imagined in a charcoal gray (uh, OK?) with Mets in script (boo!). The
message continues:

Interestingly there is absolutely no black on this uniform
whatsoever – and I was told that the blue/orange/white
color combination jumps off this uniform with incredible success.
Blue/Orange/White piping will also be on the ends of the sleeves, down
the front of the jersey, and down the pant legs as well.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let this be true. And are those racing stripe styles in the description??