The Steve Henderson Game?

There's an article in the Ledger today about Steve Henderson (hitting coach of The Rays) and it mentions…

.."What has come to be called The Steve Henderson game.". Apparently Steve hit a home run and the Mets won, and as the article highlights this was exciting because it moved the Mets within one game of .500 and 6 of the Expos.

I'm pretty hip to the "Lee Mazzilli Mets" years but I don't recall this at all and have never heard of "The Steve Henderson Game.". Anyone?

I do vaguely remember being excited one year that they were playing .400 ball (that's a four) but that was the second half of the split 1981 season.

You kids have no idea how awful this franchise was, and how great that made 1984. I still hate the Cubs. Look it up youngins.

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3 Replies to “The Steve Henderson Game?”

  1. game was against the Giants in 1980 – june or july?? they were down and fought back and he hit a game ender – long before the walk off phrase was invented.

    baseball reference 6/14/80 – they scored 5 in the bottom of the 9th to win. they had a 38-40 1st half record which was great for ateam that had come off 3 straight horrible years. any hope was clung to.

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