New York Magazine Asks: Is This The Worst New York Mets Season Ever? The Answer is Yes.

You’ll enjoy this article…and while you can read their own conclusion, I’m going to soul search myself.

Let’s see, top of mind…..

1962:   you’d have to argue for a 120 loss team, but I guess in comparison it was better than your team moving 3,000 miles away…so I would argue that 1957 would have been worse for an NL fan…and I bet Dodgers fans loved 1959, but I digress.

1977:  hey Mets fans, we traded everyone away!   As I mentioned in a few articles, at least you had hope that Zachry, Henderson and Flynn would amount to something, and on paper that Seaver trade wasn’t as bad as it looks now.

1978-82 pick one:   the good old days of the upper deck being closed, Lee Mazzilli and a scrub pitcher named Mike Scott.  Awful but it’s what I grew up with so I didn’t really feel the pain.

1987:  Really annoying, but much like this year the injuries explained away a lot.  The Terry Pendleton game is still my most painful Mets memory…but at least Gooden is pitching tomorrow, right?

Any Bonilla/Kent/Coleman year you wanna pick:   You kids think these years were awful, but the 70’s were worse, and so is 2009.

Nope, the answer is yes, 2009 is the worst Mets season ever.   Let’s back it up to March 1st and remember where we were:

– we have a brand new stadium, this is gonna be awesome, I’m gonna make a mint on stubhub!
– we would have won last year if we had a bullpen, but now we do – World Series here we come!

That’s it.   I’m done letting the injuries explain away everything….let’s compare last night’s team to the team that will take the field on April 5, 2010:

                           9/18/09                                  4/5/10
1B:                 Dan Murphy                             Dan Murphy
2B:                  Castillo                                      Castillo
SS:                  Valdez                                       Reyes
3B:                  Wright                                       Wright
LF:                   Pagan                             New All Star Superstar
CF:                  Beltran                                      Beltran
RF:                  Francoeur                                 Francoeur
C:                    Schneider                                  Warm Body

Not really all that different, so I hope the three starting pitchers we need to go along with Superstar LFer are named Young, Seaver and Maddux.

Oh and a catcher.

So yeah, this is the worst season ever – and the GM and the manager are coming back….and they may raise ticket prices…..and the Yankees might open their new stadium with a World Series.  Welcome to hell.

In case you are wondering, 38,063 “attended” last night’s game in 55 degree weather against the Nationals on Rosh Hashana.

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