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I’m so so excited about the press release that came up yesterday which details the new Mets-related items coming to Citi Field in 2010…and that’s really the top story of the week.  I’ve written some comments about that and those will go live at 10am.

Before we dive into the recap of this week’s most popular articles, a word about blogging.  I’m increasingly seeing the mainstream media digging at blogs.   So let me explain this particular site.   I claim no expertise.  I do not claim anything on here to be news.  It’s a fan-site.  I’m a Mets fan like you.  Some days I’m happy, some days sad, some days mad.   I don’t have Jerry’s cellphone number, I’m not in the locker room every day, I don’t have access to scouting reports.  Just a fan.  A fan that sits in the upper deck and knows that I can’t see the left fielder. A fan who thinks blue letters on a black shirt don’t look good.   That’s all.  This is entertainment, and I hope some folks enjoy it.   So if later today I write the Mets should trade Johan Santana for Jim Fregosi and someone in a newspaper wants to say I’m dumb and uniformed…go for it.

On the flip-side, on a day like today I feel like a dopey blogger like myself actually does make a difference.  Maybe I don’t know too much about John Lackey’s injury potential….but complaining about a lack of player banners does matter.

Now that my rant is done, some good stuff is coming up this week.  The three-part Mets Turkeys series kicks off tomorrow, and Tuesday there’s a great guest article with some fan-created uniform ideas.  Along the way I will continue to past more fan responses to the Five Questions For Average Mets fans which was the lead story this week. Here’s this week’s recap:

Wally Backman is back.  Here’s the press release and here’s a video Wally made.

Dan’s photos of the 1986 Tickertape parade.

Here’s a new Buffalo Bisons commercial.   The Bisons organization still has not given me the courtesy of even writing back to decline the request for a credential.  At least write back guys.

The 2010 Mets ticket prices broken down by gold, silver, admantium, and lego.

The Daily News had a great Gooden article.

Good job by Beltran visiting veterans.

Most of us agree the Twins did a great job with their new uniforms.   The Royals have new alt-caps.  Should the Mets wear blue? Metsblog says we’ll see the new uniforms very soon.  Worst ever are the Mercury Mets.

The Jets seem desperate to sell seats.  The Giants are a bit itchy too.

I’d lose it if the Mets did what the Nets did.

It was a great week for the off-season, welcome to all the new folks who have discovered the site!  Thanks everyone!

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