To Personalize or Not To Personalize

So the question is, is it cool to have a personalized team jersey with your last name on it or is it a pathetic and sad attempt to pretend you could be a major leaguer?

I recently received a 20% discount code towards any replica jersey on While on the site I played around with the idea of getting a home snow white jersey with my name and the number 11 (my old CYO number). Part of me thought it would be really cool amd fun to have a Twohig jersey (for the record there has never been a Twohig on the majors) But them I started thinking was it really cool or does wearing a jersey with my name on it make me a wannabe? Seriously the last time I played on an organized team was when I was 15 on that CYO team.

Shannon is 100% on the it’s cool side. My brother is completely against. I’m somewhere on between. I haven’t yet purchased the jersey though I am leaning yes. If I do get it you will see me wearing it when the Blue Cap Army meets on Opening Day,


8 Replies to “To Personalize or Not To Personalize”

  1. I want to tell you to go for it if you think that it would be cool. But every time I see somebody with their own name on a major league jersey, I end up thinking that it’s a little strange.

    1. I got the Seaver jersey today. It’s actually my first “someone else’s name” jersey. I usually get my own name, to help me live out my fantasies (just like how I make myself the #5 starter when I play video games). Some day I’ll get a Mazzilli 16 made. As I get older it’s harder and harder to have my heroes be half my age, never mind wearing their names. Seaver could be my dad, so I’m cool with it. I can look “up” to him.

  2. I go old school. No Met wearing #14 or #37 wore their names on their back. So I stay there.

  3. Use your own name…or go with an unusual name, like Milner or Garrett. A name that you rarely see.

  4. Ultimately I couldn’t bring myself to do it. While I ended up leaning towards putting my name on a jersey, I couldn’t do it on one that has that awful black drop-shadow

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