Mets uniform news later today?

If you follow @matthewcerrone on Twitter, he promises some uniform buzz late today.

I’m going to speculate he heard what I heard but can actually confirm it.

My source is good (and thank you) but I don’t want to start a fire drill like the Shake Fake.

Anyway the email I alluded to earlier was uniform related and I didn’t like it. It’s not awful awful but….

Let’s keep an eye on Metsblog.

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  1. Man… I’ve been checking back like every 10 minutes!! Completely intrigued. Hopefully the black is indeed abolished, then this year they can have retro jersey days celebrating the 80’s mets and the late 90’s mets!!

    Wearing my blue cap tonight!

    1. I too am checking Metsblog regularly. I’m not being coy, not trying to be a blogtease…life is about relationships, and I don’t want to play the first card on this one. The “scoop” gains nothing, I am more interested in the discussion.

      News will come out. If we like it we cheer. If we don’t, I encourage you to let it be known that you have alternate ideas you wish the Mets to consider. Maybe you’d like the uniforms to be yellow. If so, write Mr. Wilpon a letter or post on other sites.

  2. I am also checking both sets every few minutes. My guess is black hats go away for good but somehow the charcoal color of the outfield wall is incorporated into the drop shadow

  3. He said it’s not awful awful, so I would gather they are not getting rid of the Blue. I’m guessing it has something to do with the “New” pins, like they won’t be seen often, just special occasions. And, maybe something on when and where we’ll see the black jerseys being worn…like maybe an actual schedule of sorts

  4. the “news” is up — not all that earth shattering.

    “I was able to confirm an e-mail I got an e-mail yesterday – I believe he also e-mailed Shannon at Mets Police – saying the Mets will be keeping the black uniforms next season, and might look to ditch the blue stripe running along the collar and down the center.

    So, I’m thinking something similar to what I put in this image – but not creame, not with Mr. Met on the arm, and with Mets across the chest, per usual.

    I hope this is the case. I think that’d be pretty cool, especially if they keep the stripe on the pants and use the blue hat.”

  5. OK, so the are going to keep the black jerseys, and lose the blue collar and placket piping. Does that mean on the white jerseys too???

    Yeah, that would look awfully “Dodgers”

  6. I agree that this news is kinda blah, especially for a small uniform change. After hearing this news, I suspect the Mets decided to leak this because of marketing purposes.

    I don’t think the real news is the fact that they are THINKING of getting rid of the blue stripe on the snow white unis. They want fans to know that investing in a black cap, shirt, or even jersey would not be short term, especially with speculation amongst bloggers and fans that the black might soon be out the door.

    I guess they have been significantly hurting in black merchandise sales that they thought it was a good idea to make a statement on the topic.

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