Strasburg: like Gooden on a Friday night


I’ve told you about the 1980’s and a young man named Dwight Gooden.

Doctor K was 21 years old and had 60 wins. Sixty! Clearly he and his pal Darryl were on their way to the Hall of Fame, as Mets. Doc for sure, he was a lock.

Sometimes Gooden would be scheduled to throw on Friday and Shea would rock like no other place on Earth. Shea was the place to be, and it was filled with not just Mets fans, but the kinds of people who showed up at a Knicks and Rangers games in the 90’s and the kinds of people with Joba t-shirts.

I’ve told you youngsters that no matter how I describe it that you won’t “get it.”

Watch Strasburg’s next start and you’ll catch a glimpse. Nice job rook.

One Reply to “Strasburg: like Gooden on a Friday night”

  1. I’m officially terrified and thrilled to watch him over the next 10 years.

    Can’t wait for his first start at Citi, definitely planning on being there.

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