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As the Brigadier General of the Blue Cap Army, I thought I’d run this idea past you. I got a really great deal on an Authentic Cool Base White Pin jersey on EBay a couple of weeks ago and really can’t decide who to put on it. Here’s where Mets Police comes in: How about we let the Mets Police readership and loyal Blue Cap Army Soldiers pick who I put on it?!?

A couple of ground rules: 1) It has to be a player from the 2007 or 2008 teams (that’s when they started wearing Cool Base AND I WILL NOT put that Pizza Patch on anything that I wear) 2) If a player from ’07 AND ’08 roster, I’ll put on Shea Final Season patch (I have a few) 3) No coaches, and finally 4) It can’t be Oliver Perez, To-mas Glav-ine or Aaron Heilman! (no explanation should be necessary here)

Of course I’ll pay for it and get it “Authentic” customized (probably Stitches in Whitestone) and was thinking, you can come up with 5 or so players (your choice) of ranging abilities and service with the Mets, in those two seasons, (see Ground Rule #4) and maybe put up a poll on the website for a week or so, and let the BCA faithful decide!!

So, whatcha think??

Terence M.K.

P.S. I’ve attached pics of the blank jersey to attest to it’s authenticity

First the pics, then some thoughts…

I love this idea.  It does have black dropshadow, so I worry about anachronisms.  Mazzilli and Youngblood didn’t play in dropshadow…so that narrows the time frame.

Some thoughts:

Finch. I don’t think I’ve seen these.  It’s also an anachronism, but it’s a fictional character anyway.

Alfonzo. You really don’t see these.

Kiner 4. It makes no sense but I think it would be a cool cool move.

Hodges 14. I violated my anachronism rule but I’ve never seen one.  Gil never wore his name either.

Hodges 42. I’d laugh.  Wear it on April 15.   I really am ignoring my own anachronism rule.

My ideas stink..what do you guys have?

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  1. well, you ignored the -07-’08 rule.

    Big Pelf seems a good choice though.

    Santana, Wright, Reyes are always solid.

    Pagan? Don’t see a lot of those around. I’m tempted to buy a Pagan t-shirt myself. most of my Mets shirts are black, which isn’t as nice in the hot sun.

  2. Using the 2007-08 seasons, I would vote for #10 Endy Chavez. Great catch (albeit in ’06 playoffs), great guy, great bench player.

  3. You could go complete obscurity
    6 – Nixon (remember Trot was on the team for I think 2 weeks)
    29 – Phillips (Andy Phillips was on the team for 3 days in 2008)

  4. i’m going to take into account that it’s an authentic and you’ll get it authentically stitched. so you want to get someone who either did something great already OR has security moving forward (because if you get someone like pagan and he’s gone in a year or two, it’ll be hard to strip the name off of a cool base without the fabric pulling).

    i’ll go with:
    -santana (with adding the ’08 shea patch, if only to commemorate his incredible start against the marlins the second to last day of the year).
    -wright (obviously, but him because of the two home grown stars, he has a bit more security contract wise)
    -for the offbeat, i’ll also go pelf. he’s kind of got the cult status (go big pelf) and he was instrumental in keeping that team in it down the stretch in ’08. plus, he looks like he’s developing into a legitimate 1-2 starter.

    that’s my $.02

  5. Everyone has Wright, Reyes, Beltran, and Santana. You can buy those pre-made. If you want something original go with Pedro Feliciano.

  6. i still say this is a problem when you open up your jersey customization (and ultimately, your wallet) to others. as someone who has a couple $250 mistakes in my closet, i’ll go ahead and say at the end of the day you might really wish you stuck with the classics instead of going for someone like feliciano.

    1. Someone like Feliciano? He’s been with the team since 2006 and he’s been their best relief pitcher during that whole time. He’s a better bet that most of the other players. The best part about Feliciano is that it’s original, and you know he’ll be here for at least a couple of more seasons.

  7. #36 Chip Ambres. I think you’d be the only person on earth with a Chip Ambres jersey. I don’t even think Chip Ambres has a Chip Ambres jersey. In all seriousness i’d go Endy Chavez.

  8. I love all the ideas!! Keep ’em coming!It looks like Endy’s in the lead. I want more ideas like Trot Nixon, Feliciano and Embres! I think an ’08 player would be ideal to put the Shea patch on it, like Brian said!

    Terence M.K.

  9. Billy Wagner. Creeping up on 400 career saves, 34 of which came with the Mets in ’07. Plus, he gets points for calling out Delgado and Beltran in that one post-game interview.

  10. I was gonna suggest Trot Nixon as well, just because it cracks me up to see all the Garciaparra jerseys every time I go to a Cubs game. Nomar’s got to have the highest ratio of jerseys sold to games played in Chicago baseball history, unless you count Michael Jordan.

    Otherwise, I like the SHEA/08 idea, except I’d maybe go with 45 as the number (for the number of seasons the team played there).

  11. oddly enough, one of my ALL-TIME favorite players is on the 2007 roster (didn’t check the 2008 roster)… but, can you guess who it is kearnsey?!?! lol

  12. I vote for Julio Franco. You can’t go wrong there.

    Then again, I’m a little biased, since he’s been my all-time favroite player since he was an Indian – the first time around.

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