Guarantee yourself a seat to the 2010 Mets World Series right now. Really.

I kid you not.

On you can see for yourself that: is offering you the opportunity now to buy tickets at the face value price for your favorite team.Postseason Ticket Reservations is a new feature intended to broaden potential access to these valuable seats, ensuring you that if your team plays in a game you reserve, you get to buy a face-value ticket and go to the game.

Let’s take the defending National League champs as an example. If you purchase a National League Division Series Home Game 1 reservation for the Phillies and they qualify for the postseason, your selected game will occur and a reservation would allow you to purchase a ticket for the first home Division Series game at Citizens Bank Park (either Game 1 or Game 3 of the Division Series, depending on whether the Phillies have home field advantage in the series).

The cost for each transaction is $10 for the Division Series, $15 for the League Championship Series and $20 for the World Series. The maximum purchase for each game is two reservations per household per team per series. So it would cost $90 now if you wanted to reserve two tickets for one game of all three possible postseason rounds, for example.

And let us not forget the always inexplicable: * A $1 per order transaction fee applies to each purchase of Postseason Ticket Reservations

So Mets fans, do you wanna “waste” $45 on a chance at being at the first home game of all three rounds?

Maybe you are considering this.  A few things to ask yourself….

…what happens if your face value tickets are the top tier tickets? does this affect post-season lotteries?  Smaller pool for you folks with the 15 game plans I assume.  Maybe?

…29 of the 30 teams are participating.  Wanna guess who isn’t?

…I kinda wanna buy Cubs World Series tickets just to be one of the 4 people on Earth who can say they have ever done that.

…and what happens to Stubhub?  Well I am no lawyer but I can read:

Trading or transfer or Postseason Ticket Reservations.
The trading or transfer to any person or entity of Postseason Ticket Reservations is not currently permitted by the Postseason Ticket Reservation marketplace. In the event that determines to allow the trading of Postseason Ticket Reservations, notice will be provided on this website. The rules and policies associated with such trading will be made available to users not later than the time when trading becomes permissible. Any trading of Postseason Ticket Reservations will be governed by the rules and policies published by on this website.

Get your playoff tickets now while I ponder if the ticketpocalypse just happened.

6 Replies to “Guarantee yourself a seat to the 2010 Mets World Series right now. Really.”

    1. double you get money back. If you buy tickets on after the season to game 7 and they win in 6, you get the ticket price back, but not the order fee.

  1. It clearly says on the website that you do NOT get your money back if they don’t make it or if your game isn’t played. This is not a “feature,” it’s a money grab if you ask me.

  2. I get my order fee back every single time. They can’t keep it by law, however they are only inclined to give it back to you if you ask.

  3. ” If you do not purchase your reserved ticket(s) during the specified purchase window, your reservation will expire. No refunds will be granted, for any reason, of the purchase price of Postseason Ticket Reservation(s).

    Reserved ticket(s) will be available for purchase to those holding Postseason Ticket Reservation(s) for the specified team and designated game and will be available for purchase at face value. The purchase price and any service charges or transaction fees associated with the purchase of Postseason Ticket Reservation(s) are not applied to the cost of the MLB Postseason ticket(s) made available for purchase by valid reservation holders on this website.

    If your selected team doesn’t play the game for which you purchased Postseason Ticket Reservation(s), either because the team does not qualify or because the game is not necessary, no refunds will be given for your purchased Postseason Ticket Reservation(s).”

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