Mets record by uniform through June 30th

Walt hooks me up left and right…here’s the Uniform Breakdown for June.  If you’re on Twitter follow @formerdirtdart.  Here’s Walt:

Mets only wore Hybrid Home Combo (hybrid cap & black t’s/belt/socks) on get-away days in June.

For second month in a row, Mets only wore Home Black Combo (cap/jersey/t’s/belt/socks) combo on the first Friday game (& home game) of the month. The Mets also wore the Home Black Combo the first Friday (home) of April, but also wore for last game of 4 gm Cubs series (Thur 22 Apr). Sorry, but they have yet to lose in the Home Black Combo (4-0)

Mets wore Pinstripes for one game of every home series in June.

Only appearance(s) of the Road Black Combo (cap/jersey/t’s/belt/socks) was for all three games of the Yankees series in the Bronx. And, like the only other time Road Black was worn back-to-back, the Mets didn’t fare well. ( Mets lost May 2-3 against PHI & CIN in Black)

And for the year…

I left off April because it was going to leave lots of white space and I don’t know how to crop it.

So what have we learned?   Clearly teams wearing black at home will go undefeated!   Hey wait a second, someone delete this post!!!!

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  1. Could you find out why the hell have the Mets now reverted to using that god forsaken Hybrid fitted at Home again, ie; against the Reds. Another example of Mets Randomness!!!

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