‘The Fireworks Game’ July 4 and 5, 1985

The Hardball Times calls the Fireworks Game the greatest MLB game ever.

What’s so amazing about a game where Gooden only went two and a third?  I think every now-40 year old in NYC was watching Channel 9 that night….there were several ridiculous rain delays and…

In the 17th inning, home plate umpire Terry Tata ejected Met star Darryl Strawberry and manager Davey Johnson for arguing a called third strike. When asked about it after the game, Tata responded with the words later engraved at the Tomb of the Unknown Umpire: “At three o’clock in the morning, there are no bad calls.”

Next inning, a light appeared at the end of the tunnel. The Mets capitalized on Brave reliever Rick Camp’s throwing a would-be double play ball into the outfield, and scored the go-ahead run for an 11-10 lead.

Atlanta had the bottom of their order due up. The hitters looked as weary as they must have felt. In a handful of pitches, the first two batters each feebly grounded out. At 3:30 a.m, the Braves were down to their last man; not only was it the pitcher’s slot in the order, but they had no more position players left to pinch hit.

Thus Rick Camp strode to the plate, representing Atlanta’s last and least hope….

It didn’t end there kids.  (Hey SNY will you PLEASE steal my “How I Met the Mets” pitch already!  Howie’s voiceover of this would be amazing.)

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And a boxscore

Could this really be 25 years ago?  Feels like two summers ago.   Man, I’m getting old.