Wine Tasting event for Club Mets folks tomorrow

Thanks to Ceetar who must be part of Club Mets for sending this over.   I’m cheap so I am not in the club.   Please support Honor Among Bloggers and visit Ceetar’s Optimistic Mets fan.

I hate being back at work.

Oh yeah, the wine thing…

Dear Club Mets Member:

Come out to Citi Field this Wednesday night for an exclusive wine tasting event in the Empire Party Suites as the Mets host the Reds at 7:10 p.m.!

  • Enjoy all the amazin’ action from the exclusive Empire Party Suites while tasting great wine
  • Tickets are specially priced at $80 each
  • Ticket Price includes admission into the Empire Party Suites for the entire game along with the 1 ½ Hour Wine Tasting and Open Buffet (6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.).

Again that was offered to Club Mets folks, but yesterday it was included in the general email to all fans, so I suspect you can get in if you want.

I wonder if they will be serving some GTS?

This site is getting weirder and weirder but you gotta at least give me that’s it’s different.