Meaningful games in August

Maybe it was ingrained in me in the 70’s but these west coast swings scare me. My team disappears from my consciousness for two weeks and then ones bak dead.

I haven’t seen much baseball since the break but I can read a boxscore.

I’ve really enjoyed this season but I hope there is still a season to enjoy come August.

As for Ollie, here’s how I would use him.  Say I found myself down 6 in the second inning.  I would hand Ollie the ball – and let Ollie know that even if the score is 34-2 that nobody is coming to get him.  Ever.

What’s really scary is that folks are saying “oh good, Dickey pithes tonight.”  How did the season get to that point.  I know he’s been good, but Omar isn’t that smart.  The wheels are going to come off RA’s magical season sooner or later – otherwise I would be wise to buy the movie rights and sell them to Disney.

Dickey, Niese and Takahashi to save the season.   Let’s Go Mets.

2 Replies to “Meaningful games in August”

  1. Relying on Maine and Perez in April is what gets you to the point of relying on R. A. Dickey in July.

  2. Not for nothing, Dickey, Neise and Takahashi already saved the season. The Mets were on a road to no where when they all stepped up. (takahasi not so much lately). It’s time for the offense and Pelfrey to save our season. It wasn’t long ago when we were talking about Pelfrey starting a game 1 in the play offs over Johan. Now it looks like he belongs in the minors again. He better step up.

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