Where was Tom Seaver on Sunday?

Please note I asked “Where was Tom Seaver?” not “Where the hell was Tom Seaver?”…

…however, I keep wondering where Tom was.  Perhaps he was visiting family, feeding the homeless, taking a day of prayer, playing golf, tending to the vineyards…maybe he wasn’t invited, maybe he felt is weird since he was in the Red Sox dugout, maybe he wanted Doc & Darryl to have their own spotlight…I dunno….

…but I feel like he should be at things like Hall of Fame Day.

Does he owe us anything?  Am I trapped in the romantic aspects of baseball?  Do I need to realize that playing baseball is just a job and people move on with their lives?

More troublesome is what MetsBlog reported yesterday via Evan Roberts….supposedly Pagan, Wright, Davis and Francoeur were the only players to “greet” the Fab 4 of their HOF induction.

Maybe I’m just getting old.  There’s a bunch of people born in the 70’s and 80’s playing for “my” team and most of the fanbase seems like it was born in 1992.

It must be me.  You see that picture?  It makes me happy.  I want to feel like that every day.   If you feel that picture you understand what I’m trying to do here on this dopey site.

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  1. Seaver does live on the west coast and likes his vineyard. He was around a couple of weeks ago though.

    Don’t read into the greeting players thing that much. If you recall, it was 1:35 when the ceremony ended and they were rushing to get to the game play stuff. Those four just happened to be the ones (and I believe are the ones that normally) that stretched on the field near them. Who knows who else greeted the honorees before the game, after the game, sometime else? Strawberry’s around all the time too, Cashen was carted away almost instantly.

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