Marty seeks a Mets protest movement

Marty wrote in…as I explained to him, my goal is not to hurt the Mets financially nor to become Mets Enemy….however I do choose to be a voice for fans.  With that being said, here’s Marty’s idea:

Would you be so kind as to post this.

Dickens wrote in a Tale Of Two Cities that is was the best of times and the worst of times.

I agree only partially.

It is the best of times for it is the summer and we do have baseball.

It is certainly the worst of times for what our beloved team and their organization cannot be construed as playing major league baseball.

In our summer of miscontent, when we more than ever desperately need distractions from our miseries, we have been robbed and cheated.

This organization with very,very few exceptions must be held to account of theft of services.

They have deprived the Mets fanbase of its dignity and right to cheer and get excited for our men of blue and orange.

It is hard enough to get up in the morning, get out of bed and look ourselves in the mirror without this added burden of embarrassment.

We most act on this and act now.

The Wilpons must be deemed disqualified.

Jerry ,Omar,  Hojo and Warthen must be sent to the Bastille.

I am a 63 year Mets lifer.

I participated in the Columbia riots, I went to Woodstock.

I attended banner days, I have bought my fair share of jerseys, bought the over priced food and beer.

We have already begun the protest by not attending, but it is no longer time for half measures.

Here is what I propose:

1- An unofficial banner day in front of Citi.

No obscenities but lend our creative energies in banner-form to display our concerns and frustrations.

2- An admission charge at the individual fan’s discretion, to collect money to buy the team. Of course, the Wilpons would never do so for they have not yet finished milking the golden cow, so we would turn the monies over in our names to worth charities.

3- Such charities might be baseball gear for the impoverished with the codicil that the elite pledge to become players only in blue and orange.

4- Donation of all our Mets gear to some third world country or countries that knows not of the stink and shame of the Mets logo.

5- Some gear will be held back and be put into a ritual barn fire with the fanbase chanting we are beyond upset and will stand for this mess no longer.

6- We must make sure we get our official permits, we do not need to break the law.

7- We must ask the Steinbrenners for financial support. We have robbed their fans of the psychic reward of picking on us because we are so irrelevant that we have taken the fun out of their ridicule.

8- Establish picket lines at the perimeters of Citi, with the pickets asking for the support of unknowing attendees.

9- Ask Obama for his support on the basis that the country cannot climb out of the great recession when a significant portion of the nation is so depressed.

10- Ask the UN, EU, Sarah Palin for the same reasons.

11- George W. Bush wanted to be the baseball commissioner until Selig backstabbed him. Let him put together a group to buy the team. Baseball is his true passion, while Condaleeza Rice is a football fanatic , maybe she can be part. Cheney would make one heck of a general manger. Rumsfield could be our bench coach.

12- Reach out to the media, during the dog days of summer, they are desperate for stories.

13- If all else fails, demand guaranteed win games, dollar suds and franks.

14- For the rest of the season, install at the seats some sort of computer gizmo, so that each fan can vote on all in-game managerial decisions.

15- At each game, one lucky fan gets to be manager.

16- Paint the fences blue and gold and demand that the ushers stop treating us as would-be felons.

17- Put each player on an incentive, no win, no pay.

18- Each player gets assigned his own personal mental health professional.

19- Each player has to go on Oprah and beg for forgiveness.

20- Mel Gibson must make a movie following up the Passion of the Christ with one called the Denial of the Clueless Wilpons.

21- Last but not least have open tryouts for replacements for next year, our fans would work for a dollar a year and performance would improve. Attendance would increase dramatically for their family and friends would come to every game.

I rest my case

I’m not sure how realistic some of these (computers, Rumsfeld) but I would be interested in an unofficial banner day parade – and I bet the media would bite.  My site isn’t big enough to support it, but if there was interest from other sites – maybe.

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  1. I hope for your sake Shannon that this isn’t the first post a new visitor sees on this site.
    Minus the unofficial banner day, it’s got all the trappings of a raving loony.

  2. There are lot of people who need to be held accountable for this disaster, but Dan Warthen isn’t one of them.

    1. Wright getting choked up (no pun intended) in front of his locker at the end of the season has gotten to be a Mets standard right up there with failed no-hitters.

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