2 Replies to “Crappy New York Mets Crap #16: Philip Humber photo”

  1. Man this photo pisses me off!!! Its not even the fact that someone is peddling it. Its that godforsaken uni combination. That stupid Hybrid fitted along with the dropshdow pinstriped look maybe the worst WORST WORST looking uniform in Baseball history hands down!!! Yes!! Worst than the ’93 Mets Swoosh look, Worst than the tequila sunrise Astros and worst than the shorts wearing 1976 WhiteSox uniform combo. Again! WORST UNiFORM EVER!!! Please challenge me on this one!!! I triple cross dare YA!

  2. Jerry Seinfeld once postulated that in modern sports with the high turnover rates of players and free agency, we essentially root for the uniform- we are fans of the laundry as he put it.

    What are you to do when you hate the laundry! The Mets black incorporated to everything era will go down as one of the more hideous in sports.

    Take it down Shannon! Take it down! I can’t bear to look at it anymore.

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