9 Replies to “1928 New York Giants cap”

  1. okkonen has been proven to have some inaccuracies in the past. not saying this is one, because as we learned last week, you can’t always trust merchandising to give an accurate representation of the past. but either way, this would be a legitimate cool way to honor the giants without doing something in black.

    that being said, can we get a few throwback games on the schedule? how about a throwback friday? one a month. wool ’69 pins, ’70s polyknit, ’86 racing stripes, maybe even a ’97 ice cream man game.

    1. btw i should say “further honor” the giants, as the orange exists for that purpose already.

      1. The (normal) Mets road uni is a drop dead take on an old Giants uni, except w blue instead of black. The cap has a Giants logo. They use orange. I think it’s cool they’ve got the Giants in their uni as much as they do, but it needn’t go much further imo. I’d like to see a Mets hat with an interlocking B and Q for Brooklyn-Queens, as an alternate cap. This really is the core geographic identity of the team, so far as I can tell.

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