A vote for Hernandez, Olerud (via ESPN New York)

Mark Simon makes a case for Keith Hernandez and John Olerud to make the Hall of Fame (via ESPN New York).  I of course put them in the Hall of Garvey.  Here’s Mark:

My vote is based partly on the eye test (which also allows me to vote for Jack Morris and Dale Murphy) and partly on the stat test (why I’ve also checked off Bert Blyleven and Tim Raines). I’ll admit to being biased. Hernandez and Olerud are my father’s two favorite Mets, so I’ve been subject to many lengthy discussions in which their virtues were extolled.

I vote for both rather than just one because the two are baseball’s version of identical twins. Thus, if I think one is worthy, the other is as well.

via A vote for Hernandez, Olerud – Mets Blog – ESPN New York.