Make our own Mets 2011 Old Timers Day: Shortstop

Next year is the 50th season of Mets baseball – a great excuse to bring back Old Timers Day even though they won’t and nobody showed up for 1986 Day.

I started this in the summer but then got sidetracked by whatever Mets crisis happened.  It’s a slow week so here’s a window of opportunity.

The premise is that you get to invite three living retired Mets players at each position.

I will invite Buddy Harrelson, Rafael Santana and random Met Bob Bailor.

Who would you like to see?  Invite three.

12 Replies to “Make our own Mets 2011 Old Timers Day: Shortstop”

  1. Kevin Mitchell, Frank Taveras, Tim Foli.

    BTW, have the Mets said if they are going to celebrate their 50th Season next year, their 50th Anniversary in 2012, both or neither?

    Here’s a slogan they can use…”Two championships in 50 years…could have been worse”

  2. Did not know that Piazza & Knight played SS. Harrelson is a no brainer. Hunt was a second baseman. I would guess you would have to bring back Ordonez & Foli.

  3. Hunt played shorstop for for 1 game in 1966. I know he was a second baseman. He was my favorite met as a kid, but i guess if you played it once you qualified.

  4. I think I’m leaning toward Buddy, Santana and Ordonez, too, but I like the hat tip to Bob Bailor — he somehow had his facsimile signature on a baseball glove and I had it. Though considering his standing in the game, maybe it was actually one of his gloves that found its way to me.

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