Make our own Mets 2011 Old Timers Day: Catcher

Premise:  invite three living retired players to a hypothetical Old Timer’s Day.

This one is a little tough if I’m only going to invite three catchers.

Under the rules of our game we can only invite three. So I will invite…

Jerry Grote, John Stearns, and Todd Hundley.

Yeah I know who I left off.   There’s like 6 more guys who should be invited including Ed Hearn, Todd Pratt, Ron Hodges, Paul LoDuca and those two other guys.

I never realized how many likeable Mets catchers there have been. Who are your three?

10 Replies to “Make our own Mets 2011 Old Timers Day: Catcher”

  1. Met Catchers

    Choo-Choo Coleman (Love The Name)

    Johnny Stephenson (I was there as he struck out for the last out in Jim Bunning’s perfect game against the Mets.

    Yogi Berra

  2. Grote was the best defensive catcher in the 70’s hands down. Johnny Bench once said that if grote was on the reds he (bench) would be playing first base.

  3. Chief, was there a specific reason, Piazza was left off of your threesome? Grote & Stearns definitely. (Carter did not play long enough for me, and as an 86er gets plenty of recognition). Can’t put in a third until I know why the best hitter the team has ever had was not one of the three.

    1. No reason – Carter and Piazza would obviously be invited but I left it to you guys to include them. If I just go Piazza, Carter & Grote it’s a boring blog.

  4. The reason I think it has to be Piazza, Carter and Grote is to sell it to the fans. Who’s going to want to see an Old Timers’ Day at New Shea without two of the few Hall of Famers who played a significant portion of their career for the Mets?

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