Make our own Mets 2011 Old Timers Day: First Base

This was the original email that started the “make our own…” discussion.  Since my brain is foggy this morning (gotta head to The Unnamed Donuts Chain) and y’all have been into the topic this week, I thought I’d re-post first base.

A great idea from Klinkuno:


Regarding Old Timers Day. How about a little item on the blog about who you would like to see by position. For instance one day we could pick 3 guys at 1B, the next day 3 at 2B.

I love it.

Invite whoever you want.  Three guys and only three.   As you will see, for some positions that will be easy and for others three will be quite challenging. Obviously the player needs to be alive.

I am going to invite Keith Hernandez, Ed Kranepool and I will personally invite Dave Magadan (who never should have been benched to play Garry Templeton at first)….I know y’all will stick up for Olerud.

Who would you invite?  Hit comments to nominate.

8 Replies to “Make our own Mets 2011 Old Timers Day: First Base”

  1. I can’t come up with a better three than pfh64’s: the two WS-winning 1Bs and one of the iconic Mets.

    In general, I’d be more eager to see homegrown or developed players and champions (or others with significant careers/milestones, as we’ll see with a certain catcher).

  2. We see Keith Hernandez quite a bit during the season, so I’ll leave him off the invite list.

    John Olerud, Ed Kranepool & Mike Piazza

    1. I want to see Piazza too, but not as a (learning the position) first baseman. I’ll stick with Olerud, Kranepool and Keith.

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