Should the Mets have banners for old Giants and Dodgers players?

Michael posted this in the comments a while back, and I have been sitting on it for a rainy day.  Since it rained today and Duke’s passing makes this topical…

Realistically looking at it, both the Giants and Dodgers may as well have been expansion teams with veteran players that were created out west for all the acknowledgement they have of their pre-1958 past. Other than Jackie Robinson, the Dodgers retired numbers are all from players that have played since 1958 for them (although some of these players actually had their glory years in Flatbush). The Giants have done a better job of lip service to their heroes of the past, but it is safe to say that the ghosts of the great Giant teams from days of yore, managed by the spectre of John McGraw, are still roaming the Elysian Fields of Coogan’s Bluff. Terry, Ott, Matty and McGraw are better remembered in New York than in California (and when someone is looking back at the career of Willie Mays, many people look back at him more often as a New York Giant more than a SF Giant. It has been argued that the fans in San Francisco disliked him there because they always considered him a New York Giant which is why they embraced McCovey et al more than they ever embraced him).

Say what you will about the Wilpons, but I do believe that they take seriously the mantle of the Mets being representative of both the NL teams of pre-1958 and also of their own history. Which is why I believe they rectified the color scheme of the Mets twelve years ago by adding black to the official colors. Also,I think that any HOF player that played for the pre-1958 Giants or Dodgers should have some sort of banner with their name at Citi Field with the respective black & orange NY or blue & white B to honor them where they actually were represented. And, since he actually did play for the Mets and went with them to the World Series in 1973, the Mets should retire Mays’ #24. IMHO FWIW.

I’m too lazy to go through my pictures but somewhere I have a shot of what the Phillies do.  In centerfield they have a wall of Philly baseball history…it includes the A’s and some Negro League teams.

Perhaps the inclusion of some New York baseball history (from the ancient Metropolitans to Mel Ott to Pee Wee Reese and some Negro League teams) might make for a nice exhibit in the museum.  There’s plenty of room in the back where the weird jewelry waits for someone to purchase it.

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  1. The Mets added black, not as to recognize linkage to the Giants, but because it was fashionable at the time, and black sells.

    That being said, The Wilpons, who are serious contributors to the Jackie Robinson Museum, should sponsor, and facilitate the construction of, the New York City Baseball Museum, next to Citi Field. If just to really annoy the Yankees

  2. I think it’s easy enough to honor the Duke and Willie Mays, both of whom played on the Mets. Plus Gil Hodges. If you have a veritable star from the Giants/Dodgers, who played on the Mets, then sure.

  3. My take on this is twofold. First, yes, it’s key to me that the Metropolitans are the modern extension of the glory days of NYC baseball. The Wilpons clearly honor this tradition and that’s great. I think they are right to do it, and I’m glad they do it.

    On the other hand, the Metropolitans historically were the team which was destroyed in the 19th century, as a feeder team to the Giants and Dodgers. Therefore I think it’s good to simultaneously celebrate this resurrected franchise in its own right.

  4. The “rectifying the colors” bit is nonsense. The blue is from the Dodgers, the orange is from the Giants. End of story.

    If the argument is that EVERY color has to be included to properly honor the departed franchises, what of the red numbers on the fronts of Brooklyn’s jerseys? Is it time to correct that oversight, too, and throw a little cardinal into the scheme?

  5. no they should not. it’s bad enough that theres a rotunda named after jackie robinson a dodger who did not even play for the mets. if it was up to me i would have put a rotunda after willie mays because he actually played for the mets. now putting up banners after the dodgers and giants. it’s like the organization ,(if they plan to do this) are looking to get rid of the mets. as if they had no significance in the city of newyork and it’s sports. I say that they should in the futre name the ball park after a met. also if it was up to me get rid of the rotunda, not because i’m against robinson (which i am not) i think of him as one of the greats . but he was never a met and not even a coach. bob gibson even was a coach for the mets. what i am trying to say is that this ball park will have nothing to do with the mets if they start putting up banners of the dodgers and giants. and don’t say thingst like their are entrences and plazas named after mets greats . that does nothing for me. to me the organization pushed them off to the side in favor of the giants and dodgers.

  6. the Rotunda should have been the New York National League Baseball Museum with banners for the old Giants and Dodgers teams and players, leading up to the exodus of 1957. but inside the ballpark, it should be all Mets (you know, blue and orange and no other colors).

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