Opening Day Mets Ticket Prices: WHAT????

Holy cow…



and $4 to mail them to you plus the infamous $5 “order charge”

Wow…way to jack it.  $42 to not see the left fielder?  Really?

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  1. and 2.5 to print at home. These fees weren’t there last year were they? you could always get them mailed for free?

    I knew they were gouging for premiums and I”m glad they lowered the value prices, but $45 a ticket as the cheapest option is rough. Especially for the Subway Series, where i feel interest has waned a bit (although it’ll still sell out, so really it’s the ‘smart’ business move i guess)

  2. I checked some old emails – last year, they charged $5 per order & $6 per ticket fees, but they’d mail them for free.

    So, yeah, it got worse.

  3. Yep, they have monitored what people will pay on Stub Hub for “big” games and have creatively made “fees” so they can also get a piece of the action. It’s always about supply and demand.

  4. I though we 15 game plan holders had our fees waived for single ticket game purchases as a perk. Even when I called my ticket rep to ask how come the flex plans got the fees waived we had to pay. And they said that we don’t have to pay single game fees then. Did I dream this?

  5. The mets site lists Prom Reserved at 36 and Prom Reserved Infield at 45 for Opening Day… or am I reading it wrong?

  6. The $51 / $42 prices include the $6 fee…so they are $45/ $36 plus $6 fee.

    Mailing fee is new…think they want people to print at home.

  7. No fees for season & plan holders when you call up & you have a human helping you get the area/section you want. No reason to use the website at all

  8. I guess somebody finally realized that it was silly to charge people to print their own tickets at home when they were mailing them out for free…

    I should have known they’d never just get rid of the silly print-at-home fee.

  9. i’m only buying opening day tickets from them and then when i go again in the future i’m buying from stub hub . big price difference . and it is crazy with them charging us theses fees. this is why people say baseball is a buissnes than americas past time now in this era.

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