Coach Kiner wears weird yet official Mets cap

Kevin grabbed this out of one of the Mets Yearbook shows. I remember my dad ranting about this back when Mets Police was a monthly newsletter you got in the mail.  I’ll tell ya one thing about Coach Kiner – he would never charge you to print out tickets at home.


…coming up later this morning, more about Mr. Met 1.5

One Reply to “Coach Kiner wears weird yet official Mets cap”

  1. Coach Kiner wouldn’t even charge you for the tickets….I have a feeling by the end of the year there are going to be alot of free tickets going around.

    They will be having alot of “Bob Barker Nights”, “COME ON DOWN!” will be the cry as they try invite the 10 mpeople in the upper deck down to the lower level co the TV camera won’t pick up the 1000 empty seats behind home plate.

    Maybe I will start a dummy rental business.

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