How you came to be reading this

I was working on the site last night and Beloved Daughter starting asking about it, which then turned into a nice night.

The beginning: I think Mets uniforms look best with no names on the back. My argument is that you should know who #5 is, and if you don’t either the TV will tell you, or you have amazing eyesight that can read a name from the upper deck.

On April 15, 2008 the Mets took the field to honor Jackie Robinson. Everyone wore #42. No names on the back.

Even the announcers couldn’t keep track of who was who.

Isn’t it stupid not to have names when everyone has the same number? Are the names important or not? How come Yankee fans are able to figure out which one is A-Rod?

No Names was the straw that set me over the edge (weird mixed metaphor there). After years of Mets stupidity I needed to vent, and then quickly realized I might be able to change things for the good.

Last night, to explain this to Daughter, I broke out the Mets Illustrated History. We were able to sit together and look at pictures of nice uniforms, and some of the dopey uniforms. It started some “who is that” type discussions and some general Mets talk.

That’s how you create the next generation of fans.

However, if you ruin the father’s love of the team (say by gouging him for Opening Day or charging him to print tickets at home), that love won’t get passed to the children. They will just learn about the Yankees from their friends at school.

Me? I’m hooked. However, there’s lots of casual fans out there, and their kids are wearing pinstripes.

Penny-wise, pound-foolish. Especially if your name is Jeff and you hope to have this thing another 50 years.

My daughter, I love her. Even though she asked for a black jersey.

2 Replies to “How you came to be reading this”

  1. I think the afforability and fun of Citi Field of Yankee Stadium (doubly so for kids) will go a long way towards creating more Mets fans.

    Think about it, which would kids rather do? Visit the kiddie field, see Mr. Met and look at the dunk tank or see some wall with numbers and a history lesson?

    Yankee fans are, mostly, just ignorant of who’s playing and just don’t know who’s playing. 26? who’s that? 33? Is he new?

  2. I’m with you with regard to not putting names on home jerseys. You should know who your players are. I think that perhaps names are handy on road jerseys since you shouldn’t expect fans of other teams to know your players (for instance, I have no idea who #14 is on the Arizona Diamondback), esp. regarding teams outside the NL East.

    Regarding sitting with your daughter, good for you. I hope she grows into the most energetic fan the Mets have ever had. However, the description you gave reminded me somewhat about the ol’ “birds & bees” talk. If you don’t explain it to your kids, their friends on the playground will. 😉

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