The Mets have added the Eddie Grant plaque to Citi Field



Wow, I was going to borrow a post from my friend Louie over at CenterfieldMaz today, but before I got there I saw this on the great Faith & Fear

I went directly to the Polo Grounds’ share of the stadium exhibit and sure enough, the legendary plaque was recreated in full. All of Grant’s athletic and military accomplishments were listed, accompanied by an explanation of the plaque’s history. As a latter-day New York Giants buff, I was gratified. As a student of baseball history, I was impressed. But as a Mets fan who has wanted the Mets to embrace in some substantive fashion their two-pronged line of ancestry, I was thrilled. I was thrilled that someone in the Mets organization, perhaps at the highest level, went the extra 483 feet (the distance from home to deepest center at the Polo Grounds) to carve a niche for a meaningful piece of local baseball lore: something that had nothing at all to do with the Dodgers, something that had nothing directly to do with the Mets, something that represents the kind of patriotism and sacrifice the Mets honor every game when they single out a veteran for our appreciation. The Eddie Grant plaque’s dedication having occurred ninety years ago this week is a perfect, perhaps coincidental, touch.

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Now you’re probably wondering who this Eddie Grant is and why you have never heard of him or ths plaque.

That’s precisely the point.  This was overdue in coming to Citi Ebbetts Field, and the Mets really need to learn to tell us about such things when they do it.  Good press can be fun too.

On this Memorial Day take some time to learn about Captain Grant, the mystery of the plaque which disappeared for years, and if you head out to Flushing, pop in and take a minute to think about Captain Grant and all the other men and women who gave their lives for our way of life.