Mystery solved: Seaver is wearing 36 because Koosman is wearing 41

A way back this image was discussed round these parts.

Why would Tom Seaver be wearing a number that starts with 3? (Click on it for bigger image) He wore 21 in the minors so it’s not that…

Well, in the video Kooz that I linked to last night (scroll down the blog) we see this lefthander wearing #41.  It’s a screen grab of a video of a throwing motion and the 41 is never quite clear.  Click on it for a bigger view.

Looks like the boys switched numbers for a day.

4 Replies to “Mystery solved: Seaver is wearing 36 because Koosman is wearing 41”

  1. Before the WS games in Baltimore in 69 Seaver and Gentry switched jerseys on purpose to mess with the media. There are a few pics of Seaver floating around of Seaver with a Gentry jersey, #39.

  2. There is a pic I have in an old yearbook of Seaver wearing a #44 Willie McCovey jersey.

    If I have time next summer, I could scan in tons of old yearbook photos like that and send them in. Would that be legal? The old yearbooks were cool. I actually held this year’s yearbook at the stadium…looked through it…and decided I did not need to buy it. I can get the same photos and stats of any player on the Internet. The old fun features are gone from the yearbook. Thus ended my string of 42 straight yearbooks.

  3. the best all time switch-a-roo was when tug mcgraw took the field wearing willie’s # 24- with black shoe polish on. funny as all hell.

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