Mets 50th Anniversary Press Conference

Shannon is at Citi Field right now with the vapors over the new look jerseys.
Here’s a quick tweet recap from him.

Caps are blue and orange with 50th logo on the back and an orange button.
Home primary Jerseys are the cream pinstripes. Shannon loves the road jerseys.
New spring/BP hats and unis. Look like the Los mets ones without the Los.

Hybrid caps are GONE. Black jerseys will be used sporadically on the road.

BIG NEWS – Banner Day returns- has not been scheduled as to what day yet. (I think the Mets are waiting to see when Shannon is away from NY to schedule it then.)

Okay so that’s all I can post from work for our fearless leader. I think we have to go look at our checklist of what we wished the Mets would do. I expect Shannon is celebrating all day today.

He’ll update you guys later.

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4 Replies to “Mets 50th Anniversary Press Conference”

  1. Road gray jerseys basically are a carbon-copy of the 1995-1997 version prior to the drop-shadowing being added. The original road grays did not have blue piping on the sleeve. Mets will probably wear the black jerseys on the road the majority of the time again like last season.

  2. There have been few great days in the recent history of this woebegone franchise. Today is one of them. Hallelujah!!!!

  3. banner day yea !!
    i went to one banner day. it was 1973 vs. phillies first game lasted 19 innings,banner contest started at mid nite, second game started at 1am ! phillies wore these ugly bergunday uniforms.
    i felt sorry for the fans lined up beyond the fence for such a long time.

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