Movember Wrap-Up – Over $1,200 Raised!


When Shannon and I first spoke about promoting Movember on MetsPolice I thought maybe we’d raise $500….with some luck $750.  Never actually believed we’d exceed $1,200.  But we did, and there are a number of people to thank:

  • First and foremost I have to thank my fellow “Mo-Bro” Terence Kearns.  Terence was a big part of our team, raising over $500
  • Thanks to fellow bloggers Vinny Cartiglia at MetsBlog, Kerel Cooper at On The Black, and Greg Prince at Faith and Fear in Flushing for their support
  • Most of all though I want to thank all of those who donated to the Movember initiative.  Without your financial support there is no way we would have been able to be so successful

And with that we retire the Mustache of the Month until next Movember.