Sandy and the Mets bloggers

Here’s the first of what I figure will be two must-read’s today. It’s the transcript of Sandy’s call with the bloggers.. The folks over at Amazin’ Avenue did the hard work of transcribing (it takes forever) so please support Honor Among Bloggers and click the link.

As for my question, I figure by the time Sandy gets to me at 7pm he’s been asked every payroll question under the sun. I’m also not as smart about those things as the other guys. I just show up at the park and see who’s playing. So I went here..

Shannon Shark (Mets Police): My blog is more about the off-the-field stuff, so I don’t mean to be disrespectful or goofy, but I’m always curious about off the field — how much free time do you have left in your life and how do you like to spend it? Do you golf, do you have a favorite TV show, do you fish?

Alderson: Uh, I don’t fish. Actually, that’s also a good question. When I was here with MLB from 1998-2005 in a very different position, I had lots of time for movies, lots of time for Broadway plays and other things. Now instead of watching Lion King, I’m on the phone with bloggers. {Laughter} It’s a different lifestyle. I haven’t been to a Broadway play. I haven’t been to a movie. I like to play golf, but I’ve played golf once since I’ve been here. I try to stay in shape by jogging and some other things, but even that’s taken a little bit of hit. Favorite TV show right now is “Homeland” — I don’t know if any of you have been watching — I think it’s great. Most of my time is spent thinking about baseball, and I don’t mind that, it’s been fun.

Shannon Forde, Mets Media Relations: Shannon [Shark] really wants to know if you watch the Walking Dead.

Alderson: The Walking Dead, by the way, was a Marine battalion in Vietnam, I don’t know what it’s referring to now, probably Vampires or something…

He seemed to enjoy the question, and thanks to Shannon for asking about Walking Dead. See last night’s post on here for more about that.

I thought the concept of franchise players was an interesting one:

Does that have franchise players that people identify with? Yes, it needs those players. We can’t have ten players making $15 million a year, but we need to be cognizant that fans do identify with and bond with a number of players, and you have to be careful about disturbing that bond or relationship, but at some point given the business proposition, it’s necessary.

Again, I tell you David Wright isn’t going anywhere.

More about franchise players and Jose:

Do I consider him a franchise player? Yes. But a franchise player is only valuable as such if he is contributing to a winning franchise as opposed to simply acting as eye wash for a team that is not very good. So for me, franchise players are critically important — this goes back to the bonding that takes place with a handful of players on each team — you need those kinds of players to win. But ultimately, even a franchise player has to make a contribution to a winning team

Clearly Reyes made a major contribution last year. They also finished 4th.

Other items

Sandy put the Opening Day payroll and under $100 million.

The notion that Jose will try to date other folks and then call Sandy to see if he can top the offer is not a real thing.


Anyway, stop wasting time here and go read Amazin Avenue. I think you’ll be quite pleased at what a good session it was (except for the one guy asking about TV)

In other news…

MLB Shop has 20% off customs today. However, some folks are having trouble getting the custom they want. More on that later. Also the Reds ripped off the Mets, and if that’s not enough, an interview with an 8 year old kid.

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