METS: Two Boots Pizza at Citi Field

Shannon Shark must be on a plane right now.It has been none stop with the press releases from the Mets.
I guess no more Cascarino’s Pizza or whatever the name of it is/was?

The New York Mets today announced Two Boots will be featured at Citi Field for the 2012 season. Two Boots, New York City’s pizza pioneers renowned for its Cajun-Italian pizza, will help celebrate the Mets 50th Anniversary season by creating a series of special slices inspired by Mets history.

Two Boots will be served at Taste of the City on the Field Level behind centerfield, the Caesars Club on the Excelsior Level and the Promenade Food Court behind home plate.

“As a fan since ’62, and a season ticket holder since ’84, it’s a great thrill to be joining forces with the Mets in 2012, given that it’s the team’s 50th Anniversary and Two Boots’ 25th Anniversary,” said Two Boots owner Phil Hartman. “We’re looking forward to bringing our signature slices to Citi Field, with a roster of Mr. Pink, Cleopatra Jones, Tony Clifton and Larry Tate, plus a series of rotating Mets tribute pies, starting off with “Meat the Mets’.”

Two Boots will serve the following slices:

· Cheese – Galbani whole milk mozzarella and piquant sauce
· Mild – Galbani whole milk mozzarella and a kid-friendly sauce
· Pepperoni – Featuring Zoe’s artisan pepperoni
· Mr. Pink – Creole chicken, plum tomatoes, fresh garlic and mozzarella
· Larry Tate – Spinach, plum tomatoes, fresh garlic on a white pie
· Cleopatra Jones – Sweet Italian sausage, roasted peppers, onions and mozzarella
· Tony Clifton – Shitake mushrooms, Vidalia onions, sweet red pepper pesto and mozzarella
· Slice of Mets History “Meat the Mets” – Creole chicken, pepperoni, sweet Italian sausage, jalapeños,
ricotta and mozzarella with piquant sauce

About Two Boots:
Founded in the East Village by two indie filmmakers in 1987, Two Boots is an NYC culinary and cultural institution, renowned for its Cajun-Italian pizza and deep commitment to the community. Celebrating its 25th year in 2012, and still owned and operated by co-founder Phil Hartman, Two Boots is marking the anniversary with 25 cultural events all around the city, and across the country, too.

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